Episode 26: The Podcast Trifecta (Rstudio::Conf 2019)

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019
Another spectacular rstudio::conf is in the books and the R-Podcast has tons of insights to share! We kick off our coverage with a three-podcast crossover as I am joined by Credibly Curious co-host Nick Tierny and Not So Standard Deviations co-host Hilary Parker! We discuss our impressions of the conference and where we’d like to see R go in 2019. Plus I share how my journey to the Advanced R-Markdown workshop is a testament to the welcoming and openness that the R community offers. This is just the beginning of our coverage and I hope you enjoy this episode!

Show Notes

Conversation with Hilary Parker and Nick Tierney

Advanced R Markdown workshop highlights


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Hilary Parker

Hilary Parker

Hilary Parker is a data scientist at StitchFix as well as co-host of the excellent Not So Standard Deviations podcast. She is an R and statistics enthusiast determined to bring rigor to analysis wherever she goes. At Stitch Fix she works on teasing apart correlation from causation, with a strong dose of reproducibility. Formerly a Senior Data Analyst at Etsy, she received a PhD in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Nick Tierney

Nick Tierney

Nick Tierney is a Research Fellow in statistics at Monash University working with Rob Hyndman and Di Cook, as well as co-host of the insightful Credibly Curious podcast. Nick earned his PhD from Queensland University of Technology in 2018. His research aims to improve an overall data analysis workflow, especially towards understand a data set effectively with his visdat package in addition to exploring and modeling missing data with his naniar package. When he is not working with R, Nick enjoys rock climbing and photography.

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