Episode 23: Interviews With Romain Francois And Thomas Lin Pedersen At Rstudio::Conf

Posted on Friday, Feb 2, 2018
The R-Podcast’s coverage of rstudio::conf 2018 begins! I have the pleasure of speaking with Romain Francois and Thomas Lin Pedersen. You’ll hear Romain’s thoughts on the growth of Rcpp and the project that helped him become closer to the R community. We also learn about Thomas’ journey to enhancing ggplot2 and the new packages he’s developed covering network analyses and dynamic APIs from R. I hope you enjoy episode 23 of the R-Podcast!

Show Notes

Getting involved with the R Community

Conversations with Romain Francois and Thomas Lin Pedersen


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Romain Francois

Romain Francois

Romain Francois is a consulting datactive at ThinkR. He has been involved with the R community for several years. Romain is one of the original authors of the Rcpp package, as well as a key contribotor to the plyr and dplyr packages. In this spare time Romain likes to perform stand-up comedy.

Thomas Lin Pedersen

Thomas Lin Pedersen

Thomas Lin Pedersen is a data scientist working for the Danish tax authority in Denmark. He has made numerous contributions to packages in the R community. Thomas has created a suite of packages dedicated to network visualizations/manipulation including ggraph, tidygraph. He also works on packages such as fiery that enable R to become a lightweight web server.

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