Episode 22: Diving In To Drake With Will Landau

Posted on Sunday, Mar 26, 2017
In this episode of the R-Podcast I have a conversation with my colleague Will Landau about his new R package drake that provides a powerful build system for analysis pipelines. In addition we have a fun R community roundup, listener feedback, and a couple of package picks to give you a gentle nod and a fun way to explore interpolation. If you have ideas for topics, questions, or other types of feedback, get in touch with me by heading over to the R-Podcast site at r-podcast.org, sending a note to thercast[at]gmail.com, or contacting me at @thercast on Twitter. As always thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy episode 22 of the R-Podcast!

Show Notes

R Community Roundup

Listener Feedback

Package Picks

  • remindR: In code text reminders to aid code development by Bert Gunter
  • fluidSpine: Htmlwidget that allows users to interact with locations of points on a plot by Jonathan Sidi (@yoniceedee)


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Will Landau

Will Landau

Will Landau is a research scientist in the life sciences industry. Will likes to solve scientific problems from a statistician’s perspective, and likes to build tools for data analysis. He develops and maintains some R packages on CRAN, including drake and downsize. Will is also a minimalist, a sailor (wind-powered, not military), a climber, a CrossFitter, and a martial artist.

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