Episode 25: Interview With Ian Lyttle (Rstudio::conf 2018)

Posted on Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 | Category: Podcast
Our coverage of rstudio::conf 2018 concludes with another great interview! I talk with Ian Lyttle about his personal journey to using R, the value that shiny brings in communicating with customers, and his new package to ease the pain of working with enterprise GitHub installations. I also discuss my key insights and takeaways from the extending tidyverse training and talks I attended. I hope you enjoy this jam-packed episode of the R-Podcast!

Show Notes

Conversation with Ian Lyttle

Rstudio::conf 2018 takeaways and insights

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Ian Lyttle

Ian Lyttle

Ian Lyttle is a data scientist at Schneider Electric. His background is mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on computational fluid-dynamics. He started using R in 2011 and quickly became an enthusiast for what is now the Tidyverse. He is the author of packages vembedr, bsplus, and ghentr, as well as a contributor to Tidyverse, R-Lib, and other packages and projects. He also participates with the Graphics Working Group at the Iowa State University Department of Statistics. He finds that the sense of community fostered within the Iowa State group, as well as within R groups worldwide, adds tremendously to his professional life.


Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz is a principal research scientist at a large life sciences company, creating innovative analytical pipelines and capabilities supporting study designs and analyses. Outside of his day job, Eric is passionate about connecting with the R community as the creator/host of the R-Podcast, Shiny Developer Series, and a curator / podcast host for the R Weekly project. Plus, he likes to share his adventures with R and general computing on Twitch livestreams at twitch.tv/rpodcast.