Episode 12: Using Version Control With R

Posted on Monday, Apr 1, 2013 | Category: Podcast
This is not an April Fool’s joke … The R-Podcast is back once again! In this episode, I discuss the concept of version control and how you can get started with using the Git VCS right now with your R projects. Also I discuss a big batch of listener feedback, and highlight a couple of great visualization applications from the community using ggplot2. All of that and more on episode 12 of the R-Podcast!

Show Notes

The basics for version control and Git

Listener Feedback

R Community Roundup

Package pick

  • reports: An R package to assist in the workflow of writing academic articles and other reports (via TRinker’s blog)

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Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz is a principal research scientist at a large life sciences company, creating innovative analytical pipelines and capabilities supporting study designs and analyses. Outside of his day job, Eric is passionate about connecting with the R community as the creator/host of the R-Podcast, Shiny Developer Series, and a curator / podcast host for the R Weekly project. Plus, he likes to share his adventures with R and general computing on Twitch livestreams at twitch.tv/rpodcast.