Episode 6: Importing Data From External Sources

Posted on Sunday, Apr 29, 2012 | Category: Podcast
In this episode: Listener feedback and importing data from external sources into R. We dive into the basics of importing delimited textfiles using read.table and its varients. We also discuss recommendations for importing MS Excel spreadsheet files, relational databases such as MySQL, data from HTML tables, and files produced by other statistical computing packages. If you are interested in providing a listener tip about R in audio format, please call the voicemail hotline at +1-269-849-9780 or record a short mp3 or ogg audio clip and send it to theRcast(at)gmail.com . Hope you enjoy the episode!

Show Notes

Episode 6 Time Stamps

00:00 The R-Podcast #006 Importing Data from External Sources
00:34 Introduction
01:46 Listener Feedback
07:45 Description of delimited text files
09:18 Using read.table and key arguments
18:17 R Data Import-Export Manual
19:10 Importing spreadsheet data considerations
21:10 XLConnect package advantages
25:20 Importing HTML tables using XML package
33:55 Using RMySQL with MySQL databases
43:52 Data from other statistical software
44:18 The foreign package
45:45 sas7bdat package
49:13 Wrapping up: subscribe to the podcast, theRcast@gmail.com, + 1-269-849-9780
53:54 End


Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz is a principal research scientist at a large life sciences company, creating innovative analytical pipelines and capabilities supporting study designs and analyses. Outside of his day job, Eric is passionate about connecting with the R community as the creator/host of the R-Podcast, Shiny Developer Series, and a curator / podcast host for the R Weekly project. Plus, he likes to share his adventures with R and general computing on Twitch livestreams at twitch.tv/rpodcast.