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The R-Podcast Screencast 2: Visualization with ggplot2

Here is the second screencast episode of the R-Podcast to accompany episode 8 of the R-Podcast: Visualization with ggplot2. In this screencast I demonstrate a real-time session of using ggplot2 to create boxplots for a visualization of hockey attendance in the NHL. The R code created in this screencast is available in our GitHub repository, and also each of the online resources are linked below. I added some new tweaks to the recording of this screencast based on feedback from the first screencast episode. Please let me know what you think of this improved screencast! As always you can send your feedback via email or audio comment to theRcast(at), leave a voicemail on our voicemail hotline at +1-269-849-9780, or join our new forums and leave a comment for this episode! The following resources are mentioned in this episode:

The R-Podcast Screencast 2: Visualization with ggplot2 from Eric Nantz on Vimeo.


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