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The R-Podcast Episode 17: A Simply Radiant Chat with Vincent Nijs

The R-Podcast continues its series on Shiny and the first-ever Shiny Developer Conference by catching up with Vincent Nijs, associate professor of marketing at UC San Diego and one of the earliest adopters of Shiny. Some of the topics we cover include his journey to using R, his motivation and process for developing the Radiant Shiny application used by his students to perform business analytics, and how he would like to involve the community to add new capabilities to Radiant. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for listening!

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Update on Podcast Feed Situation

The TL;DR: We have a new podcast feed using SoundCloud which should work with all pod-catching software and iTunes support is really coming back!

In my recent episodes of the R-Podcast, I have discussed using the new Nikola framework for generating the content of my site instead of Wordpress. In a lot of ways this migration has been successful and it has been so refreshing to not have to deal with database problems and other oddities that I experienced with the previous site. With that said, I received a lot of feedback after my last couple of episodes about the podcast feeds not working in a lot of podcatching software. Now that I have relaunched this podcast, combined with the exciting interviews that you will hear in future episodes, it is unacceptable to have these feed problems preventing listeners from accessing my podcast episodes. Therefore I took the plunge to add the R-Podcast to SoundCloud so that I can have a new feed that should work "out of the box" for any pod-catching software. Another benefit is I will be able to use this service to finally get the R-Podcast back on iTunes. While it has been interesting to try and develop a custom plugin for Nikola to produce podcast-friendly feeds, it is something that I simply do not have time to complete right now, and I want the time I do have available dedicated to making this podcast enjoyable and useful for all of you. You will see the new SoundCloud feed as well as a custom feed that can be used for the popular Pocket Casts pod-catcher are now on the front page, and I have updated the Subscribe page with this information as well. Thanks to everyone who brought this to my attention!